Ray Slijngaard


After the number one hits, the world tours, the display cases full of awards, the rows of gold and platinum records, and the handshake from Michael Jackson, what is left of you when it all stops? A normal, down-to-earth forty-year-old. Ray Slijngaard (Amsterdam, 1971) still cannot walk into a store or walk down aircraft steps without a crowd of fans, young and old, gathering around to tell him how a-ma-zing they thought he was when he dominated the charts as half of 2Unlimited. That’s the way it was then and that’s the way it still is today. Back then, Ray didn’t do any crazy things, and he still doesn’t. Raymond, his real name, is a family man who lives in Germany. A man who doesn’t rest on his laurels, thinking about how things used to be, but a man who thinks ahead. Of course, since he is performing again with Anita Doth under the name 2Unlimited, they are reviving the old days of No Limits and Get Ready for This all over the globe. And when they’re not, then DJ superstar Steve Aoki (remix of Get Ready for This) or the young Dutch heroes of Yellow Claw (check that Shotgun video!) make sure the legacy of 2Unlimited is kept alive.

Ray is aware of his status, as elder statesman of Eurodance. Through his label, Rayvano, he helps young artists, and his Ray Slijngaard Foundation is his way of supporting less fortunate children. He is someone who is and who has been the life of the party many, many times, and who uses all of that knowledge and experience when it comes to throwing his own ultimate 90’s party – which he recently did in Dubai. Slijngaard is interested in fashion and is thinking of starting his own clothing line. And of course he is still a big fan of music, so he is working on his solo debut. It’s going to be a surprising record. That much we can say already.

He is firmly planted in the centre of the world, in the here and now. Ray knows his history (a biography will be published soon), and he realizes how special all those adventures, from Japan to America, have been. And although he loves to be at home, to put his feet up, pour a glass of wine and watch football on TV, he is still alive & kicking enough to make a difference. And he still can - for himself and for others. Ray Slijngaard has meant a lot to so many others, and he still wants to mean a lot. No limits! Get ready for this!